Shoe Making Class

Welcome To Shoe Making Class

In this course, I cover how to:

  •  deconstruct a shoe
  • Make your own patterns that you can apply to other sneakers
  • How to stitch leather or any heavy materials
  • Where to get the best materials for the lowest price
  • Take a sole off a sneaker and reapply the sole
  • Make your own Air Jordan 1 High sneaker 

What’s provided in the online course?

  • Videos showcasing every step from start to finish, walking you through at your own pace.
  • A list of all the materials and equipment that I use as well as links provided for instant access. 
  • Chaptered videos to make it easy to follow along.
  • Common asked questions that can be answered after reviewing.
  • Instant access to Laced Up Kustoms email for any other questions through the course

How does it work?

  • Enter into the class for instant access to the course content

  • Follow along and create your own Jordan 1 from scratch

  • Finish with your own handmade sneaker and a lifetime of knowledge for sneaker making!