About Us

My names Tyler Collier, the founder of Laced Up Kustoms. My journey started with painting football cleats. I enjoyed art as a kid and always wanted to customize cleats so when I had the opportunity, I took it. All my football cleats I used were custom painted to the jersey color of each week. I later started customizing cleats for my team mates and opponents. After getting to paint all my friends cleats, I took a leap of faith and learned how to make my own sneaker from scratch.
Creating sneakers was a talent that looked hard to me but it was worth the challenge. I would sit in my room every night and stitch leather till 4 am. Wake up with little sleep and stay up all night again till my shoe making got better. After years of crafting my skills, I now create bespoke luxury sneakers for my amazing clients. Each sneaker is individually handcrafted to the customers liking. These are created with the most premium materials. Each pair has 40 hours or more of craftsmanship. My love for sneakers and bespoke craftsmanship comes through each pair of sneakers I create.